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Teen Ballet:

Students enrolling in the class are 12 years old. This class will focus on balance, coordination, and musicality, along with the basic body positions of beginning ballet, laying a foundation for other classes they may take.  Students will work on plies, tendus and degages at the barre and in the center.  The will work on flexibility during stretching.

Level 3 Ballet: 

This class focuses on intermediate to advanced skills which will include challenging combinations that develop extreme strength, flexibility and control.  Students at this level may qualify for pointe shoes and will have an additional pointe class that focuses on the unique skills involved in navigating this very difficult skill.

Level 4 Ballet: 

This advanced level class uses all of the prior training to combine skills into complex and challenging combinations and choreographies.  This level has additional pointe classes which focus on both classical variations as well as more contemporary movement which prepares them to pursue either collegiate or professional aspirations

Level 1 Ballet: 

At this level students continue to perfect individual skills while creating simple combinations that allow them to move across the floor and execute simple choreography.  They continue to learn more complex skills and now are able to identify the stage directions, classical body positions and are working on perfecting more advanced turning and balancing skills.

Prep Ballet:

The Preparatory Level of Ballet introduces the basic skills that act as the building blocks for more advanced technique. In addition students learn French terminology and how to identify their new skills in a brand new language! Body placement, strength, flexibility and control are all elements that are introduced and mastered at this level.

Level 2 Ballet: 

Ballet technique is most successful when students build more complex movement by perfecting and combining skills that they have mastered.  While at this level students focus on turnout, placement and body control. They add more difficult turns and leaps to their repertoire level. At this level they also begin their Pre-Pointe training.