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Tap 2: 

Building on the basic skills and combinations, students at this level will combine multiple sounds into combinations and complete choreographies.  More advanced skills will include time steps, winging steps, turning, toe balances and more. Musicality is key at this level and students will learn simple musical concepts that will help them create new rhythms.

Tap 1: 

Students enrolled in this class will learn the skills and terminology that would be associated with basic tap technique.  This class is a lively, noisy, fun-filled favorite at the studio.  Students learn to identify single, double and tripple sound combinations and identify the name of each skill.  Tap has it's own unique language and history which is uniquely American and we strive to introduce out students to that unique history as part of their education.

Tap 3/4: 

This intermediate/advanced level class utilizes all of the individual skills and combines various styles to create interesting and fun choreographies.  The resurgence of tap in recent years along with the fusion of hip hop and urban stomp type dance styles with classic tap has created new and exciting opportunities for students to be creative, have fun and get on heck of a cardio workout.